5 User Testing Best Practises

1. Keep Your User Comfy

Introduce yourself and the task. Keep the user comfortable so they are at ease sharing their experience. Remind them that they aren’t the ones being tested, that they are doing the testing.

2. Give Context

Start with a scenario to give the user context for when and where they would be using the product.

3. Encourage Your User to Think Out Loud

Ask them to verbalize everything. You’re not getting any insights in a user testing session from someone thinking to their self, “Where is that button?”. Ask questions to draw them out. i.e.,”Can you tell me what you expect to see/do/etc?”

4. Don’t Lead the User

Walking someone step-by-step through your UI isn’t going to give you any information on where the pain points are. Make sure your questions don’t answer themselves. Also, when your user thinks they are done with a task, they are done. Not completing the task is also a finding!

5. Eliminate Variables 

Repeat the task verbatim. Don’t distract your user with emotions that could influence their actions, making yourself a variable.