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People use Yelp to find all sorts of things—especially when they’re on vacation and in an unfamiliar place. Yelp wants to expand their mobile offerings to be the go-to place for travelers planning their trips. We designed a feature that seamlessly integrates into Yelp’s current app that allows users to create itineraries with designated locations and destinations and share them with friends.

Timeline: 10 Days

Team:  Alivia Duran, Rose Kue & John Cheung

What I Did: User Research, Competitive Analysis, User Flows, High-Fidelity Wireframes, User Testing

GALogo Student Project at General Assembly

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From our screener survey we carefully selected a number of respondents that represented a range of potential users with differing backgrounds and interviewed them about their habits, behaviors, pain points and what delights them when they are traveling or planning a trip.

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We conducted competitive and comparative research, specifically looking at what Trip Advisor had to offer, as it was a commonly cited source from our initial survey.

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Trip Advisor caters to the more “robust” traveller, one who likes to plan out every every detail, from flights to tours. We wanted to create a travel feature for Yelp that doesn’t overwhelm the curious, flexible traveller.

Identifying Yelp’s Current Offerings for Travelers

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Yelp’s current “Lists” feature is only available on the website, not the mobile app, and only lets users add places they have reviewed to each list. Although Bookmarks are heavily used on Yelp, there are only 3 filtering options, they are buried under “more” in the app, and map view isn’t filtered.

User Flows and Personas

From our interviews we distilled the needs and behaviors we identified into three personas, our primary persona being “Luke” (below). We started exploring the feature with user flows that gave an idea of how our user would interact with the system.

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Create a New Trip with a destination from a bookmarked review

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Wireframes and User Testing

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UI + Annotated Screens

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