Kickoff | Dating App


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Kickoff is a social dating app that introduces you to friends of friends. Kickoff focuses on quality introductions, not quantity.

The Challenge

Kickoff’s current design only allows users to create profiles as individuals to match and chat with others. In the current design there isn’t a way for users to meet people in a group setting.

The Solution

I designed a new feature for Kickoff that allows users to create groups with two other friends and chat with other groups after getting a mutual match.

Timeline: 1 Week

What I did: Competitive Analysis, User Flows, User Scenarios, Wireframes, Hi-Fidelity Prototype, Style Guide, Technical Documentation

This video shows how we would introduce the new feature into a user’s daily “batch” of matches. A notification and a group match would appear, with a prompt to create a group so you can match with friends.

Competitive Analysis 

In my competitive analysis, I found very few apps that had this type of feature. Out of the few that had a similar feature, they had confusing interfaces and poor feedback to a user actions within the system.

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User Flows

To explore the 4 different scenarios (a New User vs Existing User, and being invited to a group or creating a group and inviting friends) of someone using this feature I started sketching out user flows and thinking about the different parts of the interface that each type of user would need to interact with.

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Final User Flows

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 11.00.12 AM

First Round Wireframes

After sketching out key screens, I brought my designs into Illustrator for a first round of low-fidelity wireframes.

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Final Wireframes

For this project I delivered a final screen flow and technical document outlining interactions and edge cases that was to be passed off for development.

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