Walmart | Greenlight a Vet

Client: Walmart

Team: Saatchi & Saatchi New York

Project: Integrated Campaign

Greenlight A Vet is a national campaign to establish visible support for veterans. It invites Americans to show their support by switching out a publicly visible light in their home with a green bulb, and keep it glowing every day as an ongoing symbol of hope and renewal for our veterans.

Greenlight A Vet launched with a national TV campaign and online commercial featuring real-life veterans, which aired during this year’s World Series baseball championships. We released a web series that profiled each veteran and shed light on the impact transitioning veterans make in and out of uniform in communities across the country.

In just 3 weeks we saw…
  • Over 130,000 uses of our hashtag #greenlightavet
  • 2.8 million visits to the Greenlight A Vet website
  • So many bulbs were sold… Walmart sold out!
Overall, the campaign received…
  • 1.6 billion media impressions
  • 3.4 million online acts of support
  • 400+ media stories
  • 94% positive brand sentiment

Greenlight a Vet was nominated for a Webby Award in two categories, Advertizing and Media and Online Film and Video. It was also shortlisted for a 2016 Cannes Lion.

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 5.54.19 PM



User Research

Using a screener survey, I selected interview participants based off their experience supporting social causes. Through in-person and phone interviews, I started to identify behavioral trends and pain points we could design for to help maximize participation in the campaign.

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 5.59.10 PM

User Journey 

At a high level, I worked with our strategy and social teams to map out the campaign touch points to ensure that the experience would have consistent messaging and action points.Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 5.53.21 PM


Campaign Plan

At a campaign level, we planned media and social content to ensure that messages were consistent across platforms leading up to the launch date for each version of the website.

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Starting with quick sketching sessions with the creative directors, we brainstormed what role we wanted the website to play. We determined a structure for site that would tell the story of the campaign in a cohesive way, feature rich content, enable easy sharing and link out to our partner organizations – making the site a central point for people to learn how to get involved with the campaign. GLAV v.22 copy

Live Website 


Visit or explore #greenlightavet to learn more.